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Now taking orders for this exciting book of  adventure. Be the first to own Invasion of the Sparkspitters. This is a story about a young male, microscopic in size, who lives inside a great Norway pine tree. The book is now available, and is an excellent read for middle grade students. It also provides opportunity for the reader to learn about the structure of a tree.

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                 My earlier experiences in creating art were typical: a Christmas card competition in fifth grade, designing bulletin boards in sixth grade, entering drawing competitions found in magazines and paint-by-number kits. In early adulthood I began experimenting with canvas boards and oil paints. It was not until my mid-thirties that I took my first art class taught by a professional.

                 The second phase of my artistic experience occurred after earning a bachelor’s degree and later a master’s degree in art education. I enjoyed teaching art to students at all levels. I have had opportunity to view the transformation that occurs when students succeed in successfully expressing their feelings visually. The improvement in their self-esteem is amazing to observe.

                 The third and current phase of my art activities involves visual express in a personal and spiritual manner. Creating art gives meaning to my life by allowing me to convey deeper inner feelings. My ideas for a painting often come from Biblical scripture, nature, and meditation and from interacting with others. I attempt to capture a spiritual moment or a feeling of awe in the way light strikes water, flowers, and trees. I also attempt to artistically express feelings and mental images I get from studying scripture.

                 Watercolor is my medium of choice. It is light, airy and transparent, the perfect material for creating and expressing on a spiritual plane.


                 I am deeply interested in the literary arts in addition to the visual arts. Please take time to look at my first published book at the right of this page. In addition, click on the navigation button on the left to visit my art galleries.





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